Lil' Windy Ridge Farm is truly a wonderful place to call home! Here are some photos from around the farm...

                             My new shade garden ...


I found these babies on Easter                      Our little creek after a rain.
Sunday 2009 when a rainstorm
soaked their burrow.
I brought them inside, dried
them off, dug another hole,
put them back...
miraculously, all 3 bunnies survived!


 Rainbow after storm.          Boo in her stall at twilight.        A beautiful sunset.


Momma deer and her twins photographed right off the back porch.


2010 was a really snowy year here on Lil' Windy Ridge Farm.


      Greg and Katie enjoy a                     Gus waiting to help with the chores.
      ride on Boo and Dietz.

Some of my favorite
photos of Gus...


The day we brought him home.


He's not sure how that dang frisbee got around his neck...
or just how he should go about getting it off.


Gus' first snow...
wow, this is fun!


Gus at his graduation ceremony from Obedience School.



A good dog and a loyal,
trusting friend...
is there any higher praise?
We miss you, Mac.